Change Agents

We are partnering with Virtualocity LLC Certified Lean Six Sigma Change Agents. Certified Lean Six Sigma Change Agents have mastered the Lean Six Sigma problem solving methodology in solving complex issues and concerns in our urban communities.

They are passionate, equipped, and called to the mission of creating and executing on new and creative ideas that will contribute to a paradigm shift of wealth into these communities. Change agents are partnering with not for profit organizations that are focused on economic development and positive outcomes in minority and poverty stricken communities.

Virtualocity change agents believe that "wealth" is the answer. They believe that to solve the community problems you must first identify the current issues, who is profiting off of the issues, examine the inputs and who is supplying the inputs.

This aligns with the overall mission of BlackChain. We believe that to create wealth in communities of color we must actively work together as a family to "fix" the problems in our neighborhoods.

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