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The picture of the back of the coin that says (GREENWOOD DISTRICT)

Did you know that over 100 years ago there was a Black Wall Street?

Black Wall Street was the name given to the Greenwood District in Tulsa, Oklahoma - a thriving community filled with black lawyers, doctors, teachers and entrepreneurs. It was one of the wealthiest segregated communities in the United States until the start of its destruction exactly 100 years ago today. Black Wall Street was the first aircraft bombing target of American people ordered by the American government in US history. One of the most profound and fastest growing communities of its time was entirely wiped out. A successful, progressive and law-abiding community of black people were massacred. 300 people died, 800 were injured, and 31 city blocks were burned to the ground. The socioeconomic progress of black people had been deemed a threat to the white-dominated capitalist society. Two days after the last riot, the mayor of Tulsa wasted no time in establishing the Reconstruction Committee to redesign the Greenwood District for industrial purposes. It is widely accepted that private industry and the state stood to benefit economically from the destruction of Black Wall Street.

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