clap-1A New Way to Riot
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All 50 states and some other countries have protested, acknowledging the wrong that has been done to a marginalized group of people for so long. To see this acknowledgment is so heartwarming and is a huge step in the right direction.

Rioting has been a response to social injustice and police brutality, but we must understand that rioting causes more damage to our community than anything else. It is not a coincidence that the majority of the people involved in the riot aren’t from the area in which they are rioting.

Not to mention, on the infamous day of May 31, 1921, angry white mobs began a riot that lasted 2 days that led to the destruction of Black Wall Street. Never forget that the destruction of Black Wall Street was beneficial to private industry and the state economically. Why follow the lead of oppression?

We offer a new way to riot. With the use of Blackchain, we can recreate Black Wall Street and build up all of our communities back to where they need to be. 2020 was a year of confusion, shock, and the unknown.

These symptoms are known to many as a part of an awakening. There is still division, but we can’t make this a white against black or a black against police narrative anymore. We must choose to structure our own narrative. This is capital that would have never seen its way to repairing black and brown communities.

Forever embracing our roots in internet culture, we call our community to something greater than themselves. Blackchain leverages the raw power of the culture to ease the suffering of millions through fixing problems within the black community. With Blackchain, we the people, have a chance to stand up for each other and send a message that we believe in Black Wall Street, and we believe in a safer, stronger and more united America.

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